Catching up with the old gang…
January 25th, 2012

Catching up with the old gang…

Catching up with the old gang...

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I miss these guys a little bit, it’s been almost a year since I’ve made any comics about them. For those not in the know, our green friend is Ogglethorpe, the anxious orange one is Froiberg, the pretty purplish girl is Meranda, and the blue dude is Hurster. (Gotta get that character guide doooooone….)

And I realize that I’m so late that I’ve completely missed the Nyan Cat meme train, but, well, so it goes.

‘The Secret Life of RX-155′ now in stock!

The Secret Life of RX-155 Cover

The Secret Life of RX-155, the latest addition to the Supernova Lullaby print series, is now available to purchase at my Storenvy shop!

Also, for a limited time only I’m offering a combo deal on The Secret Life of RX-155 and Dig. Purchase the combo for only $10, and save a few bucks.

Thanks for your support!

Space Sails Desktop Wallpaper + Calendar

A little something for your February! Each month I’ll be releasing a new desktop wallpaper that also includes a calendar, free for you! Just click on the image below, select the size you need, and then drag or save the image to your desktop.

Space Droids February Desktop

The Complete Adventures of Norbel, Irbit and RX-155!

Catch up on the adventures of our alien drifters with these handy links!

Complete Adventures 01 Relative Visitors
 Where our drifting trio makes their  first appearance, paying a visit to  Norbel’s nephew, Froiberg.





Complete Adventures 2

Alien Kind’s Best Friend
Where our drifting trio becomes entangled with a group of inter-planetary gangsters over a unique and special dog.




Complete Adventures 3

Dig – a Supernova Lullaby yarn
Our drifting trio find themselves caught between feuding bounty hunters on a desolate asteroid.
(This episode takes place prior to the events in Relative Visitors.)




Complete Adventures 4

 The Secret Life of RX-155
In which we learn about the strange past of our favorite droid, a past that even he doesn’t know about.
(Also takes place prior to Relative Visitors.) 

Not ‘Supernova’: Monster Holiday Blues

So, a little over a week ago, I had a comic published in the Philadelphia City Paper’s annual Comics Issue. It won a sort of ‘best in show’ designation, and guest editor and cover artist Art Baxter wrote some incredibly kind words about the comic, which you can still read in full at the City Paper’s website. You can also read the full slate of top notch comics that were included in the issue.

I didn’t post this right away since the comic is pretty far removed from the alien stuff here in Supernova Lullaby, and I wanted to direct some traffic to City Paper while the issue was still out. But I’ve had second thoughts on the former part, and the latter part has come and gone.

Monster Holiday BluesClick on image for larger view


The Dark Matter Nanos: W is for Wua’dib

W is for Wua'dib

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