The Complete Adventures of Norbel, Irbit and RX-155!

Catch up on the adventures of our alien drifters with these handy links!

Complete Adventures 01 Relative Visitors
 Where our drifting trio makes their  first appearance, paying a visit to  Norbel’s nephew, Froiberg.





Complete Adventures 2

Alien Kind’s Best Friend
Where our drifting trio becomes entangled with a group of inter-planetary gangsters over a unique and special dog.




Complete Adventures 3

Dig – a Supernova Lullaby yarn
Our drifting trio find themselves caught between feuding bounty hunters on a desolate asteroid.
(This episode takes place prior to the events in Relative Visitors.)




Complete Adventures 4

 The Secret Life of RX-155
In which we learn about the strange past of our favorite droid, a past that even he doesn’t know about.
(Also takes place prior to Relative Visitors.) 



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