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A couple notes on this week’s ‘Whatever Happened To…’

Bajjacks and Tintorella were supporting characters in ‘Alien-kind’s Best Friend,’ featured most prominently at the beginning, and in this comic here. They disappeared once Torex got caught up with the law, and appear to have collided with another trio who played prominently in that story. Time will tell how this arrangement works out.

Originally, I had envisioned this comic as the ending for ‘Alien-kind’s,’ but I felt it took the emphasis off of the dog too much. However, I hope it serves as a fitting epilogue.

Also, I apologize for the lateness of this week’s comic. I’ve been busy getting a submission ready for the anthology Secret Prison, which is a comic newspaper tabloid distributed in Philadelphia. Hopefully, you’ll see this effort in print in a few months!

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